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My Creative Cave

Creative Caves. They're fun! Adding your own personal flare to your office will always be my #1. It can help with creative blocks, with stress, connecting with clients on a more personable level, and increase your happiness. I really enjoy walking with my half drank coffee into mine, so I wanted to share it with you.

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Dangerous Design Trends

First note over here. Yay me, right?

I'm the creative chair at the Ad2 Club in San Diego and yesterday I was honored to be part of their "5-minutes of fame" / "industry update". I really wanted to talk about something useful to the crew so I came up with Dangerous Design Trends of 2017.

Here's what I said after someone told me to talk louder, getting nervous because there was a lamp right above my head and it got really hot, and really loud country-like music playing on a surround sound system overpowering my voice:

Bright Colors

There is really nothing I love more than experimenting with colors -- and when this trend came about I was obviously the most excited. But there are right and wrong ways to use it. First of all (meme pun intended),


Bright colors bring out emotion and are tres engaging but come on... let's be smart about it. I've had people request the craziest colors on their content-heavy site with little to no contrast on the body text -- and I quickly have to shut them down. Kind of. Some options for using bright colors the right way could be:

  • Use bright colors as accents or "little delights" for your users.
  • Don't use bright colors near or behind any copy
  • Add dark contrasting colors to help balance out the readability of your site

Experimental Layouts

Basically, what all of us web designers try to get a hold of. The creativity is limitless when making experimental layouts. But is your creativity working for the users on your website? Visual hierarchy may be lost with these experimental layouts if done incorrectly and the un-balancedness (yes i made that up to be quirky) of your site can interfere with readability. If you have a content heavy site, you might want to rethink your experimental layout. Some ideas to keep in mind when building experimental layouts:

  • Use unbalanced layouts as fun details meanwhile using structured sections
  • Use experimental layouts when reading isn't the biggest priority
  • Experimental layouts include navigations: make it easy for the user to find your links.

Mini Details

Meh. In my opinion these are just digital noise. They are useful though. Everyone loves minimalism -- especially all those fashion bloggers and classy folks. The biggest thing here is to not overpower your site with so many mini details that it actually because a giant sketch pad of different details. Your nav, your content, your everything could get lost. Solutions:

  • Be aware of content
  • Balance with clean layouts
  • Avoid just adding random details that don't really have a purpose

Tiny Type

No. I hate it. Stahp. Never. Ugh. -- My opinion doesn't count here. It does work on clean layouts.

  • Balance the small type with the larger blocks of text
  • May create interesting contrast
  • Never go below 13pt font. Just don't.

Animations (YAY)

Animations are awesome. They give life to your website. It can be using css, or html 5, or javascript. Animations are tres cool. Just avoid having dumb animations that serve no purpose. Boring content sites can always get a little pick me up with animations and make it more exciting to read but if you bogg down your design with too many animations well ... it's like your friends MySpace page who had too many gifs, music, and it took you 5 minutes to actually scroll all the way down to stalk their comments.

Unnecessary or wrong animations can confuse your users.


Anyway that's it. Go forth and design cool shit. Watch me get nervous again soon 🙂

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